Little Rose Diffuser Flower


A smaller size of our Medium Classic Rose,

perfect for small spaces and little bottles.

*Fragrance and glass bottles sold separately*




Our Little Rose diffuser flower sits perfectly in our smaller size diffuser bottles and is the cute baby sister to our medium Classic Rose.

Inspired by nature and handmade of natural materials scent is drawn up the wick and slowly released from the petals.

Because of its small size this little flower is ideal for small spaces and will give you a more subtle level of fragrance.

Measures approx 6cm and is sold boxed with an instruction card. *Each flower is handmade so size will vary*

Bottles and fragrance are sold separately.

Diffuser fragrance does damage surfaces so make sure your flower isn’t touching anything, and is freestanding and upright.

Mop up any spillages immediately with a damp cloth and dry.

Using our Little Rose Diffuser Flower

Gently unwind the wick and fold or trim to reach down in to the bottle.

After a couple of days the fragrance will begin to diffuse into the room.

Maximise the diffusion by topping up the fragrance regularly. Should the wick dry out the fragrance will ultimately stop.

Diffuser flowers have a long life and should last around 9 months.

Your Rose will open as it absorbs scent and may darken or change colour according to the fragrance you use.

We love Roses and were inspired by the glorious Roses of David Austin 

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Peony, Classic Rose


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