A Little Bit About Us…

A little about us…

We are two ladies, a mother and daughter with a life-long passion for Antiques and Decor. From small beginnings and with a shared love of beautiful things we have slowly grown our Luxury Flower Diffuser business.

Always searching for beauty we believe that the things you invest in and surround yourself with should reflect your personality and bring you joy every day.

Even today in our throwaway lifestyle it’s still the pieces from the past made with real craftsmanship and care that really stand the test of time. These items are slowly disappearing from our homes but can still be given new purpose in our modern lives.

What is our USP?

Vintage is the new modern! And re-using lovely old glass prevents more needless landfill. Paired with our life-like diffuser flowers and divine fragrance anyone can create a truly bespoke and stunning way to sent their home.

Our handmade diffuser flowers are a great alternative to the usual sticks and reeds and actually work far better. Taking inspiration from nature itself fragrance is pulled up a wick and diffused out through the petals. All our fragrances are designed by us and a perfume designer. With each small batch of fragrance is produced, bottled, and labelled here in the UK.

Vegan friendly and compliant we encourage you to make the most of your diffuser flower and top-up fragrance with our refills.

About Vintage

Our unique collection of antique glass includes pieces from Georgian times  through to more recent retro styles. (We also have hundreds of stoppers in all shapes and sizes should anyone ever need one! ) Nothing is ever thrown away, anything damaged or chipped is repaired or re-used within the business.

Though we choose the antique bottle that we send out to you we are always happy to help with special requests, so do please get in touch.

We are sourcing more modern bottles to add to our collection now to relieve pressure on our vintage stock. However we are still always looking for new ways to bring back vintage in your home wherever we can. For example re-purposing silver topped sauce pots as containers for trinkets and matches and beautiful old glass for candles.

Re-cycling is our business so we want our products to be as kind to the environment as possible. Our packaging is recyclable or re-used and we have been gradually reducing and replacing plastic.

Our fragrance bottles are fully recyclable PET.  In the future we hope our refill bottles will be made from recycled plastic AND fully recyclable.