These are some of the commonly asked questions,

but please contact us with anything we haven’t covered here…

What is the flower made from?

Each diffuser flower is handmade of natural Sola wood material which is steamed in to shape. The natural cotton wick is inserted for the diffuser liquid to be absorbed up in to the flower head.

How long will the flower and fragrance last?

We are always conservative with our estimates, 100ml will last around 4-6 weeks in a medium size room at ambient temperature.
Obviously if your diffuser is sitting above a radiator or heat source it will dry out quicker.
The flowers have an extremely long life, they will last until you want to throw them away away or want to replace them, as long as you keep the flower wick wet, it will continue to diffuse.

How do the Flowers Work?

Our beautiful diffuser flowers are all handmade with a cotton wick attached to the back, gently unwind the wick (it can be folded or trimmed if it is too long for the bottle) do not pull the wick too hard or it may come away from the flower head. 
Carefully fill up the bottle with fragrance using a jug or the small funnel provided, and insert the flower in to the bottle of fluid making sure there’s plenty of liquid for the wick to absorb.

Please be careful not to spill any diffuser fluid on your surfaces, it will cause damage! Any spillages mop up with a damp cloth and dry immediately

Make sure that the flower is standing with space around it and the petals are not in contact with any surfaces or fabrics to avoid any damage.

Over the 24 hours the flower will soak up the fragrance and the level will drop, this is a good time to top up to ensure the best diffusion.

Do I need to keep topping up the fragrance?

Yes, the process works by the wick being well immersed in the liquid, as the flower absorbs the fragrance you will need to keep topping up to keep the diffusion rate going.
Once the level drops too low to travel up the wick, the flower will start to dry out.

Are the fragrances natural oils?

Our fragrances are very high quality and do contain natural ingredients but are not 100% natural oils due to the scarcity and price of some of the world’s most expensive ingredients, like most of the fragrance industry some of the ingredients in the fragrances are synthetic. 
Fragrance needs to travel easily up the wick and therefore needs a thin fluid base to do so properly, using natural oils would not work with our diffusion system.

How can I clean my flower?

Over time the flower will collect dust or the odd insect, the best way to clean the flower is to use a small dry paintbrush to remove anything from the surface.

Are the fragrances tested on animals or Vegan friendly?

Fragrances are not tested on animals and are Vegan friendly.

Fragrance quantities

We want you to be happy and get the best from your diffuser flower so we have increased the quantity of our diffuser fluid from 100ml to 125ml and 200ml to 250ml.
This change will be happening gradually as we move through our stock

Why does my flower have little marks or holes on the petals?

Each diffuser flower is handmade of natural Sola wood material and may have little brown marks or tiny holes this is unavoidable using a natural product. We will always try and give you the most perfect flower we can.

Can I have samples of the fragrances ?

Yes we can send out samples of fragrance for you to try, please click here to order

My bottle is not 100% perfect…

All our Vintage bottles are old, the idea is to give new life to something made a long time ago avoiding unnecessary landfill, so they are and never will be brand new factory glass.
There will probably be some signs of age and use, some edges may be a bit nibbled or the odd chip present, but we believe this is part of the charm. We always check each bottle before sending out to you for any cracks, chips or sharp edges. We will never purposely send out a badly damaged bottle.
If you are not happy with your bottle you can return it and we will refund or change it.

This is for a gift, can I send a message?

Of course just pop something in the comments box and we will put a simple card in your order.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We do ship out internationally, but we have to check the regulations on postage as some countries will restrict posting of liquids.

When will I receive my order?

Our processing time in normal circumstances is 1-2 days. We know there’s nothing worse than waiting for an order so we always try to process as fast as we can, our dispatch days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
For orders under £20 we use first class Royal Mail – delivery aim is 1-2 days.
For orders over £20.00 we use Royal Mail Tracked 48 – delivery aim is 2-3 days.
Orders over £50.00 qualify for free shipping and are usually sent second class.
For urgent orders we do offer an express delivery option.

I would like a special style of bottle…

We have a huge archive of antique bottles, and are always happy to find the right bottle for you, if there’s a particular style or shape you would like then please get in touch we will do our best to find what you are looking for.

How do I clean my vintage bottle?

The best way to clean is with warm soapy water. Preferably a bottle brush as well.
Do not use boiling water or put these old glass bottles in the dishwasher, and let them air dry naturally.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We use recognised online payment providers like Paypal, Amazon Pay and protected Credit Card payments. We can also arrange for you to bank transfer the payment to us. Cheques can be accepted for those customers who do not wish to order online, but we usually wait for funds to clear before shipping out your order.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

We have levels of payment protection with Cardinal Commerce to cover our online payments.
We will never divulge your details to a third party.

Orders and Returns

Do I need an account to place an order?

No you can checkout as a guest.

If you subscribe to our newsletter you will be notified of sales, promotions and events.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Please do get in touch with us for any questions, please click here

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

Please get in touch with us asap to cancel or change an order, click here

You may cancel or change your Order at any time before We despatch the Goods by contacting Us. If you have already paid for the goods the payment will be refunded to you within 14 days. If you request that your Order be cancelled, you must confirm this cancellation in writing.

Please see terms and conditions here

How Do I Track My Order?

Once your order is placed and on our system you will receive an email.
When the order has been dispatched you will receive another confirmation email.
Normal first and second class deliveries will not be sent with a tracking code.
Please allow between 2-5 days for goods to arrive.

How Can I Return a Product?

If you are not satisfied with any goods purchased from us you have the right to return them in exchange for a refund [or a replacement] you must do this within 48hours of taking delivery telling us why you wish to return the Goods.
All Goods must be returned in their original condition, accompanied by proof of purchase.

for more details on returns click here