Wild Reeds


Something a little different…

natural looking wild reeds and chrysanthemum flowers

*Bottles and fragrance sold separately*



Replace those bland plain kebab sticks with something a lot more pleasing, our natural looking Wild reeds combine a mix of flowers and branched reeds.

Each set contains two natural flecked Chrysanthemum flowers mounted on to wooden diffuser sticks and a selection of natural branch looking reeds for you to trim and style as you please, in a black paper presentation pack.

Inspired by nature itself, these handmade flowers and reeds are made from all natural materials, drawing fragrance fluid up through the stick in to the flower head and dispersing out in to the atmosphere through the petals.

Bottles and fragrance are not included, why not add one of our unique diffuser bottles and luxury fragrance to create a stunning diffuser…

Flowers and reeds will become slightly translucent and change colour and darken according to the colour and ingredients of each individual fragrance used.



Additional information


Peony, Camellia, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Gardenia, Lotus, Zinnia, Pointed Dahlia, Classic Rose, Starflower

Flower Size

Standard (8 cm), Large (10 cm)


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