Vintage Sauce Pots


Versatile little vintage glass pots for your table or for using anywhere around the home.

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About our Vintage Sauce Pots

Perfect to style your table our Vintage Sauce Pots add an touch of elegance to any home.

Great for sauces these little pots are also super-useful around the house for anything from flowers, pens, paper clips, to cotton buds..!

Antique originals with hand cut designs from different periods, and styles ranging from plain and unfussy, to simple and fancier patterns.

Pots have an EPNS silver plated lid.

Buying *vintage* means there could be wear to the glass or lid, but up-cycling gives new life to these charming old things.

Our pots are either round or square and you choose the style that best suits your home based on the images.

*EPNS tops are not over-cleaned to super shiny as some customers prefer a more “rustic “look.

We choose for you as there are too many pots to photograph, however if you do have something particular in mind contact us…

Vintage Sauce Pots look great grouped together for Weddings, and we do give discount on larger quantities.

For more styling tips please check out our Instagram account

Sizes vary for each pot, but average size ranges from 9-12cm in height.

Care of your Glass Pots…

Wash in warm soapy water and leave to air dry.

Polish lids with silver cleaner or barkeepers friend, due to their age there may be some wear to the plating.

(Not suitable for hot liquids or the dishwasher.)

Additional information

Little Vintage Vase Style

Plain glass, Simple Cut Design, Fancy Design, Finest Cut Pot

Little Vintage Vase Shape

Round Pot, Square Pot


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