Small Peony Diffuser Flower


Smaller size Peony perfect for those small spaces and little bottles.

*Fragrance and Bottles sold separately*




Perfect for use with little bottles our small Peony diffuser flower is the baby sister to our medium size flower. Inspired by nature herself and handmade of natural materials, scent is drawn up a wick and slowly released from the petals.

Perfect for smaller spaces and a more subtle level of fragrance this small Peony diffuser flower measures approx 6cm and comes individually boxed with instruction card.

Flowers open and “bloom” slightly as well and can darken in colour as they absorb the ingredients of different fragrances.

Bottles and scent are sold separately, choose a bottle of our lovely home fragrance and a unique small bottle and create your own unique diffuser.

Diffuser fragrance will damage any surfaces and ours is no different, make sure the flowers are not touching anything and are freestanding and upright on a stable surface.

Mop up any spillages immediately with a damp cloth and dry.

How To Care For Your Diffuser Flower

Gently unwind the wick of your diffuser flower and fold or trim the wick to fit, and pop in to your fragrance. After a short to time the fragrance will begin to diffuse throughout the room.

To maximise this effect, keep topping up the fluid to keep the wick wet. Remember to use a container that is not too big causing the wick to dry out quickly. When the flower dries out the fragrance will stop.

Diffuser flowers have a long life, dusting lightly with a soft fine paintbrush (be careful to wash any fluid off in case of spillages) your flower should last at least 6-9 months.

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Peony, Classic Rose


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