Small Colour Tip Matches


Small Colour Tipped Matches great for use with for our Vintage Glass Match Pots…

packs contain 100 matches…in multiple colours

colours may vary slightly from the photos

Why not add a vintage glass match pot? See our collection here…

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About our Small Colour Tip Matches…

The perfect compliment to any candle or fireside these small colour tip matches are available in several colours to match any style of home.

Standard small 48mm size with coloured tips our matches are available in black, white, pink, lilac, aqua, olive, grey, and brown with white tip.

colours may vary slightly from the photos

We also sell taller 76mm size and extra tall 96mm matches.

Each set of matches comes in a small plastic pack containing 100 sticks and will be sent with a small adhesive backed striking strip.

Packs also contain a small silicone sachet to prevent the matches from getting damp during transit.

Why not re-purpose a lovely old glass pot in your home to hold your matches? Our collection of vintage cut glass pots comes in various sizes and styles…

Click here to see our current stock of pots.

For more styling tips and ideas on how to use vintage in your home please check out our Instagram page

Never let children play with matches

Keep in a warm dry place.


Additional information

Match Tip Colour

Olive Green Tipped Matches, Rustic Brown with White Tip, Sage Green Tipped Matches, White Tipped Matches, Black Tipped Matches, Pink Tipped Matches, Lilac Tipped Matches, Grey Tipped Matches, Aqua Tipped Matches, Peach / Orange Tipped Matches


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