Out of Date Diffuser Fragrance – Mocha Amber 125ml


Clearance on old Mocha Amber fragrance 125ml 

* Diffuser Flowers and bottles sold separately*

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Out of stock

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We have a small stock of old Mocha Amber 125ml fragrances that are now past their shelf life.

They will not be as fresh as the new refills but still may be useful to some for topping up.

Fragrances are supplied in PET bottles that are fully recyclable, please dispose of responsibly.

Just like the wonderful warm smell that envelops you as you walk in a coffee shop…Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate and biscuits.
Our exclusive fragrance is luxurious, warm and sweet, different to anything else you will find on the market.
As this fragrance is coloured from the natural ingredients it contains, diffuser flowers will change and turn a deep golden red colour over time.

Diffuser fragrance will damage surfaces,  ours is no different it’s just most retailers don’t tell you! Make sure the flowers are not touching anything, free-standing upright on a stable surface. Be careful when filling your bottles and mop up any spillages immediately with a wet cloth and dry fully.

*Diffuser flowers sold separately * Create your own “Vintage Diffuser” and click the links to add a beautiful handmade diffuser flower and vintage glass bottle.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Keep this fluid away from children and animals.
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case of contact rinse immediately.
  • Fill your chosen diffuser container from the plastic bottle carefully, avoiding spillages.
  • Place your diffuser on a stable surface away from fire.
  • In case of spillage, wipe immediately with a damp cloth and dry as fluid will stain or damage surfaces.

Additional information


English Rhubarb, Mocaccino, Gin & Tonic

Fragrance Size

100ml mini size bottle, 125ml medium size bottle, 250ml extra large size bottle


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