Mini Vintage Diffuser Bottles


Choose from a simple cut or heavier fancy cut “collectors” style bottle

Only for use with our tiny diffuser flowers

*flowers and fragrance sold separately*




Perfect for use with our smallest flowers our mini vintage diffuser bottles make a lovely diffuser perfect for those small spaces, corners and desks.

These little bottles all vary in size and shape but are all antique originals hand-made back in the day, all featuring a beautiful hand cut design.

Choose from a simple cut style or heavier fancy cut “collectors” style bottle, we choose the bottle for you as it is impossible to photograph every option therefore bottles will vary in style and size but will be between 7-10 cm in height

Click to add a 125ml of fragrance and a baby flower and create the perfect little diffuser…

Please note that these bottles are only for use with our small mini diffuser flowers, others will be too big and may cause the bottle to topple over causing damage if fragrance is spilt*

Each of these bottles is unique made a very long time ago and so may have little marks, dents, or signs of age that tell their story, we believe this is part of their charm, please understand that by buying “vintage” you are receiving something old not brand new and pristine modern factory glass.

Fill your little bottle very carefully to avoid any spillage and for best results keep topping the level up ensuring the flower wick stays wet. (Keeping the wick better submerged ensures the best diffusion.)

We will never send out a cracked or badly damaged bottle.


Care of Your Diffuser Bottle

Hand wash only with mild detergent and soft cloth to maintain the antique finish.

Choose your bottle style from the drop down box below…

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Antique Glass Bottle Style

Simple Cut Vintage Bottle, Heavily Cut Collectors Bottle


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