Little glazed vintage earthenware pots, perfect with our mini diffuser flowers

*flower and fragrance sold separately*


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Our mini stoneware pots make a great alternative container for your little flower diffuser, circa 1900-1920 these old earthenware pots were originally used for medicinal or domestic use.

Due to being hand thrown in earthenware, each vintage pot is unique and will vary in shape, size and colour. Each individual pot has different marking to the rough glazing. All pots all stand approximately  6cm tall with a base diameter of 3cm.

We would recommend that you stand this stoneware pot on to a coaster in case of any spillages, this pot due to its size is only suitable for our mini diffuser flowers, other flowers will be too big and become too top heavy when full of scent.

*Diffuser flowers and fragrance not included*

A 125ml bottle of fragrance will be enough to fill and top-up your bottle.

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