Medium Boxed Diffuser Flowers


“So much better than reeds…”

Amazingly effective, our hand-made medium boxed diffuser flowers not only look delightful but will give long-lasting fragrance to any room.

*Fragrance and bottles sold separately*



About our Medium Boxed Diffuser Flowers…

Replace bland diffuser reeds with something that not only looks beautiful but does the job far better. Our medium boxed diffuser flowers absorb fragrance with a wick, slowly releasing scent through the petals. Just like a real flower petals slowly open over time and become translucent as they fill with fragrance.

Medium boxed diffuser flowers measure 8cm across approx and are suitable for most average size bottles with a 100-150ml capacity and will scent a modern lounge, bedroom or kitchen perfectly.

We also offer larger 10cm and tiny 5cm flowers in different designs for you to be able to match the right flower size to your bottle.

Unique glass bottles and luxury diffuser oils are available to buy separately. Click here to add a bottle of fragrance or here to choose your beautiful glass diffuser bottle.

Our diffuser flowers make perfect presents and corporate gifts, please contact us if you would like to place a larger order!

Do’s and Dont’s…

Diffuser Flowers are very easy to use, gently unwind the wick folding or trimming it if it’s too long, and place in to your filled container. After about 24-48 hours fragrance will begin to diffuse throughout the room. Please wash any fragrance off your hands immediately.

To keep the flower diffusing and the wick wet, keep topping up the fluid in the bottle. If the wick dries out the fragrance will stop! 

Please choose a container that is a good size match to the flower. Too big and the wick may not be able to absorb the fragrance properly, too small and the scented flower could be too heavy and cause the container to topple over. Flowers require a good sturdy bottle to support the flower head.

Most diffuser fragrance will damage any surfaces and fabrics and ours is no different it’s just most retailers don’t tell you! Please make sure the flowers are not touching anything and are freestanding on a stable and level surfaceMop up any spillages immediately with a wet cloth and dry fully. Make sure the outside of the bottle is dry.

Diffuser flowers will last about 6-9 months, dust lightly with a soft, dry, fine paintbrush.

All our medium boxed diffuser flowers come with an integral wick attached to the reverse in small cardboard presentation boxes. For styling ideas please check out our instagram feed…

To see prices and pictures of the different styles choose your flower type and size from the drop down boxes…

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Peony, Camellia, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Lotus, Zinnia, Pointed Dahlia, Classic Rose, Starflower


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