Little Star Diffuser Bottle


Dainty little diffuser bottles designed by us for smaller spaces like desks, dressing tables, corners and alcoves.

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Perfect for smaller spaces…

You don’t always need a punchy level of fragrance, smaller spaces need a more subtle level of scent and our little star diffuser bottles are ideal, combined with one of our mini diffuser flowers and bottle of luxury fragrance these charming little bottles will add a lovely note of scent anywhere.

Inspired by old cut glass bottles these little star Diffuser bottles work perfectly with our smaller diffuser flowers and are available in pink, blue, green or clear with a cut glass star design to the front and back.

*5cm Mini Diffuser Flowers* are the only diffuser flowers suitable for use with this bottle as larger flowers will be too heavy and cause the bottle to topple over and spill.

Click the links to add one of our mini diffuser flowers and a bottle of luxury fragrance

Each bottle measures -65mm tall x 45mm capacity of 50ml 

(125ml of fragrance will be plenty to fill and keep topping up this bottle, we do have a few 100ml bottles left in stock in some fragrances)


* Bottles are hand made and may vary slightly

* Hand wash only with mild detergent and soft cloth to maintain the antique finish.

*Please keep out of reach of young children and animals

*Always make sure your diffuser isn’t touching anything

*Wash away and dry fully any spillages immediately to avoid any damage to surfaces.


Additional information

Mini bottles

mini blue star bottle, mini green star bottle, Mini clear star-bottle, mini pink star bottle


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