“So much better than boring reeds…”

Amazingly effective, our hand-made diffuser flowers look delightful and will give long-lasting fragrance to any room.

*Fragrance Oil and bottles sold separately*



About our Diffuser Flowers…

Replace those bland diffuser reeds with something much more pleasing, our flowers work as the perfect room diffuser by pulling scent up the wick in to the flower head which then evaporates out through the petals in to the atmosphere like a real flower. Made from natural materials totally by hand, the flower head will open up and “bloom out ” slightly over time, as it absorbs the fragrance in to the petals the flower will become translucent and change colour or darken due to the ingredients in the liquid used. If you touch the flower petals the fragrance will transfer to your hands so please wash it off if it touches your skin.

Our lovely individual boxed diffuser flowers are available in different designs and come in three sizes, our regular 8cm blooms perfect for use with a 125ml bottle of fragrance and an average size room.

Glass bottles and diffuser oils are available to buy separately, Click here to add a bottle of our luxury fragrance or here for a beautiful glass diffuser bottle

We also have our 5cm “mini” diffuser flowers that are perfect for little bottles and smaller spaces where you need a more subtle hint of fragrance.

Our diffuser flowers are perfect as little presents and corporate gifts !

How Use Your Diffuser Flower

Diffuser Flowers are very easy to use, gently unwind the wick folding or trimming it if it’s too long, simply put in to your filled container and after about 24-48 hours the scent will be drawn up the wick and in to the flower head, and fragrance will then diffuse throughout the room. To keep the flower diffusing keep topping up the fluid to keep the wick wet.

(please use a container that suits your flower size, too big and the flower may not absorb the fragrance properly, too small and the scented flower head may be too heavy and cause the container to topple over)

Over time the petals of some flower like the Peonies will open out and become translucent with all the fluid it has absorbed, if you touch the diffuser flower the fragrance will transfer to your hands so please wash carefully if it touches your skin.

Most diffuser fragrance will damage any surfaces and ours is no different it’s just most retailers don’t tell you! Please make sure the flowers are not touching anything and standing free on a stable surface. Mop up any spillages immediately with a wet cloth and dry fully.

Diffuser flowers have a very long life, with a light dusting with a soft head brush (be careful to wash any fluid off in case of spillages) your flower should last at least 10-12 months.

All handmade diffuser flowers come with an integral wick attached to the reverse in small cardboard presentation boxes.

To see prices and pictures of the different styles choose your flower type and size from the drop down boxes …

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Peony, Camellia, Daisy, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Gardenia, Lotus, Zinnia, Pointed Dahlia, Classic Rose, Starflower


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