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Not everything has to be perfect to be loved and useful, so why not give these beautiful but imperfect vintage bottles a new life…

Measurements are approximate*

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We can’t bear to throw anything away here at V&B and that goes with the imperfect bottles as well, always a favourite at our shows, the crate under the table with the imperfect bottles. These are great value if you don’t mind a little damage. By the time you have added your diffuser flower and fragrance you won’t notice anyway. These bottles will have chips and damage somewhere, or may have a slightly “blown” or cloudy appearance that will usually clear completely when you fill with liquid.

We will not send out a bottle with sharp edges that may cause injury or a bottle that leaks.

Our imperfect vintage simple cut diffuser bottles have a fancy heavier cut design that fits in with a more “period” style of decor.

We will not send out a bottle with sharp edges that may cause injury or a bottle that leaks.

Choose from the two sizes below, regular 10-12cm bottles will suit our 8cm diffuser flowers, taller 12-15cm bottles will suit larger diffuser flowers and will obviously need a 250ml size bottle of fragrance to fill and top-up.

Measurements are approximate as each bottle is unique.

*Please note we will not refund or exchange imperfect bottles*


Additional information

Antique Glass Bottle Shape

Round Bottle, Square Bottle

Bottle Sizes

Larger 13-14cm bottle, Regular 11-12cm bottle


  1. S. Hamilton (verified owner)

    I bought one for myself and one for my daughter. We love the idea of giving a home to something beautiful but slightly imperfect. You really don’t see the damage, they look great but, we love them all the more for their imperfections.

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