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Not everything has to be perfect to be loved and useful…

Give these beautiful but imperfect vintage bottles a new life…

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We can’t bear to throw anything away here at V&B and that goes with the imperfect bottles as well, always a favourite at our shows, the crate under the table with the imperfect bottles. These are great value if you don’t mind a little damage. By the time you have added your diffuser flower and fragrance you won’t notice anyway. These bottles will have chips and damage somewhere, or may have a slightly “blown” or cloudy appearance that will usually clear completely when you fill with liquid.

We will not send out a bottle with sharp edges that may cause injury or a bottle that leaks.

Choose from the shapes and styles… We will dispatch a bottle to you we choose but if you have any particular preferences please get in touch i.e large or small in size

Our plain bottles have little or no cutting, and simpler cut bottles have some detail design both fitting in with more contemporary style home.

Our heavily cut “collectors” style bottles are fancy and feature a heavy hand cut design that fits in with a more vintage “period”style of decor.

The prices will vary on the style and shape of bottle you choose.

*Please note we will not refund or exchange imperfect bottles*

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Antique Glass Bottle Style

Plain Glass Vintage bottle, Simple Cut Vintage Bottle, Heavily Cut Collectors Bottle

Antique Glass Bottle Shape

Round Bottle, Square Bottle


  1. S. Hamilton (verified owner)

    I bought one for myself and one for my daughter. We love the idea of giving a home to something beautiful but slightly imperfect. You really don’t see the damage, they look great but, we love them all the more for their imperfections.

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