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Create your own vintage diffuser with our beautiful gift box…


*we also have Navy Boxes, please leave a note at checkout should you prefer one*

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About our Flower Diffuser Gift Box…

Our gift Boxes are perfect for so many occasions and will enable the recipient to create our signature vintage flower diffuser.

Each bespoke set contains a standard 125ml bottle of fine fragrance, a beautiful 8cm handmade diffuser flower and a unique round shape vintage cut glass bottle, a plastic filling funnel and instruction cards.

About Our Bottles

All of our Vintage cut glass bottles are unique, old and totally original therefore please understand that by buying “Vintage” you are receiving or gifting something that may have little marks, signs of age and wear and tear, we believe this is all part of their charm, it is not a brand new piece of glass that has just left the factory floor.

Gift boxes will include a round vintage bottle with a simple cut design.

About Our Fragrances

Our fragrance collection offers everything from classic aromas through to lighter “greener” notes and warm exotic fragrances, exclusively developed by an international perfumer our we create truly bespoke scents for your home.

All our fragrances are designed and blended here in the UK and are vegan friendly and comply fully with CLP regulation.

Most diffuser fragrances on the market will damage any surfaces if spilt and ours is no different, most retailers just don’t tell you! Please make sure the flowers are not touching anything and are standing free on a stable surface. Mop up any spillages immediately with a damp cloth and dry.

About our Diffuser Flowers

Replacing those boring kebab sticks with something much more pleasing, our beautiful diffuser flowers are inspired by nature itself, made from natural materials by hand, they work by drawing fragrance fluid up through the cotton wick in to the flower head and then diffusing out in to the room through the petals. Flowers will open up and “bloom out ” slightly over time. As they absorb the fragrance the flower petals will become translucent and change colour or darken due to the ingredients of the scent you use. Flowers will last a very long time, you will probably need a new flower after about 9-10 months.


Select your flower style and fragrance from the drop down boxes…

*NAVY Boxes are also still available – please leave a note at checkout*

*We can supply a gift note should you require one, simply add a note at checkout with your message should you wish to write one.*


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Lavender and Linen, Tabac Amber, Orangerie, Tea Rose, Warm Oudh, Fig and Vetiver, English Rhubarb, Spiced Apple, Oriental Jasmine, Gin & Tonic, Mocaccino


Peony, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Lotus, Classic Rose


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