Discounted Tiny Diffuser Flowers


Can you give these lovelies a home?

These pretty little diffuser flowers are faulty in some way but will still diffuse just the same.


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About our Discounted Tiny Diffuser Flowers

These flowers  are reduced for one or more of the following reasons…

*Tears to the petal/petals.

*Badly marked or discoloured petals.

*Squashed or wonky petals – (this problem usually goes away as the flower absorbs the fragrance and opens up.)

These issues don’t actually stop the flower diffusing properly, they are just cosmetic faults.

Discounted tiny diffuser flowers are designed to be used with little size bottles and will give you a subtle hint of fragrance.

Each flowers is handmade and draws fragrance up a wick, releasing scent out through the open petals.

Flowers open up over time with the petals become translucent as they fill with scent. The flower can change colour and darken because of the ingredients in the fragrance.

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Diffuser flowers last a long time and we would recommend a new one after about 9-10 months.

Clean with a small brush (a kids paintbrush is ideal) to remove any dust or bugs.

Always be careful to wash off and dry any spilt diffuser fluid immediately.

All handmade diffuser flowers come with a cotton wick attached and are sent in small cellophane bags with an instruction card.

*We do not offer any returns or refunds on discounted diffuser flowers*

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Little Rosebud, Peony, Camellia, Zinnia, Pointed Dahlia, Starflower


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