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Luxury diffuser fragrance refills for your home…

With fragrance everyone knows you get what you pay for, and our collection of bespoke fragrances will not disappoint.

Not many brands will give you the option to buy their refills but for us it’s all about making your beautiful diffuser flowers last longer so we encourage you to keep topping them up.

For descriptions of the scents select a fragrance and bottle size from the boxes below…

125ml size lasts approx 6-8 weeks our generous 250ml size refill will fragrance your home for well over 6 months!


*Please note our Diffuser Flowers and bottles are sold separately*

To create our signature vintage diffuser look click these links to add  Diffuser Flowers  or a vintage bottle


(we do have a few mini 100ml size bottles left for filling smaller diffuser bottles )



Diffuser Fragrances – About Our Refills…

Most companies will expect you to buy a whole new diffuser each time, and don’t offer you a refill, but not with us. The idea is to keep topping up our lovely flowers to keep the fragrance going and maximise the effect for longer..

We offer two sizes of refill currently 125ml and our extra large 250ml, (we do have a few mini 100ml size bottles left for filling smaller diffuser bottles )

Our collection of fine Diffuser Fragrances offers everything from classic aromas through to lighter “greener” notes and warmer exotic scents.

Exclusively developed by an International Perfumer, our diffuser fragrances are truly bespoke scents for your home.

125ml of fragrance will usually last 6-8 weeks conservatively in an average ambient room, all our fragrances are blended and made in England, and are eco and vegan friendly.

Diffuser fragrances are supplied in amber plastic bottles that are fully recyclable, please dispose of responsibly in the appropriate manner.

*Please note diffuser flowers are sold separately *… to create our signature “Vintage Diffuser” look click the link to add a beautiful handmade diffuser flower and vintage glass bottle.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Keep this fluid away from children and animals.
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case of contact rinse immediately.
  • Fill your chosen diffuser container from the plastic bottle carefully, avoiding spillages.
  • Place your diffuser on a stable surface away from fire.
  • In case of spillage, wipe immediately with a damp cloth and dry as fluid will stain or damage surfaces.


Additional information


Orangerie, Spiced Apple, English Rhubarb, Fig & Vetiver, Gin & Tonic, Mocha Amber, Oriental Jasmine, Tea Rose, Warm Oudh

Fragrance Size

100ml mini size bottle, 125ml medium size bottle, 250ml extra large size bottle


  1. Nicola Monger (verified owner)

    Beautiful fragrance, smells juts like freshly cut rhubarb what’s not to love. These diffusers are so beautiful and the fragrances last for a long time.

  2. Tina Hand (verified owner)

    The Tea Rose is my favourite – use it in 3 rooms with the lovely small dahlia flowers. Gentle aroma, as a Tea Rose should be. Lasts well too.

  3. Jan

    Initially received a present of diffuser, bottle and flower. What a joy it has been. Since then I have purchased more oil and flowers. My adult daughter commented on how nice her room smelt( and the diffuser was next door in the guest room!). I recommend this product to others- a delicious luxury.

  4. Melissa Goodwin (verified owner)

    Beautiful products and gorgeous fragrances! I have multiple Diffusers and have bought as presents. The fragrances fill every room. Excellent service and delivery. What’s not to love!

  5. raarmstrong

    Best discovery of the year!
    Original,beautiful, tasteful,good quality and in heavenly packaging -all recyclable.
    Excellent communications from V&B and arrived really quickly.
    Will be ordering more to give as gifts once we are able to travel again!

  6. Shirley

    What a fantastic find in lockdown!!! Absolutely love these Individual Diffuser Flowers. As soon as I saw these I knew they would be loved by my friend oh & by myself too. Thank you for for the samples of the fragrances too. Now which one’s shall I buy for me??

  7. Ann Taylor (verified owner)

    Received my order very quickly and am so pleased. Beautiful packaging and smells delicious!

  8. Kathy

    I am currently enjoying Mocha Amber. It’s a delicious warm comforting scent that makes me yearn for cosy coffee shops and cashmere sweaters. Not in any way overpowering, I am fascinated to watch my flower diffuser changing to a subtle golden shade over the last few weeks. Love this – it’s like a gentle hug in a bottle!

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