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“So much better than reeds…”

Time to update those bland kebab sticks and choose a beautiful flower instead. Each diffuser flower is handmade and amazingly effective. Combined with our divine fragrances they will give long-lasting ambience to any room and create a diffuser you are proud of.

Fragrance fluid is drawn up in to the flower through the wick underneath and diffuses out in to the room. As liquid is absorbed the petals will open out and become translucent and change from off-white to a darker colour according to the ingredients in the fragrance you use.

Our Diffuser Flowers last a very long time, as long as the wick is kept well submerged in fragrance and does not dry out, these beautiful flowers will continue to fragrance your home for months.

Made of natural materials, we offer two sizes of diffuser flowers, a standard 8cm size flower perfect for most diffuser bottles and a 125ml of fragrance, and the larger 10cm size suits a bigger bottle and will need 250ml of fragrance.

We also offer a 5cm “mini” diffuser flower perfect for small spaces, desks and anywhere where a more subtle amount of fragrance is needed.

These flowers are sold individually boxed so click these link to add a bottle of luxury fragrance or return to the shop page to see our collection of unusual diffuser bottles


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Diffuser Flowers

the newest way to fragrance your home…

Time to replace those sad looking kebab sticks with something much more pleasing, one of our beautiful diffuser flowers. Inspired by nature itself, these flowers are made from natural materials by hand, they work by drawing fragrance fluid up through the cotton wick in to the flower head and then diffusing out in to the room through the petals. Flowers will open up and “bloom out ” slightly over time. As they absorb the fragrance the flower petals will become translucent and change colour or darken due to the ingredients of the scent you use.

Flowers are available here in two sizes, our regular 8cm bloom perfect for use with a 125ml bottle of fragrance or our larger 10cm flowers that will require a 250ml bottle of fragrance as they absorb a lot more liquid. Click here to add a bottle of our luxury fragrance.

We also have our 5cm “mini” diffuser flowers that are perfect for those smaller spaces and little bottles.


How Use Your Diffuser Flower

Diffuser Flowers are very easy to use, gently unwind the wick of your diffuser flower, folding or trimming the extra wick if it’s too long. Put in your pre-filled bottle of fragrance and after about 24-48 hours the scent will be drawn up the wick and in to the flower head, the fragrance will then diffuse throughout the room. To maximise this effect and to keep the flower diffusing continuously keep topping up the fluid to keep the wick wet. (Remember to use a bottle that is not too big for the flower and to put enough fragrance in to allow the flower head to fill up)

Over time the petals of some flower like the Peonies will open out and become translucent with all the fluid it has absorbed, if you touch the diffuser flower the fragrance will transfer to your hands so please wash carefully if it touches your skin.

Most diffuser fragrance will damage any surfaces and ours is no different it’s just most retailers don’t tell you! Please make sure the flowers are not touching anything and standing free on a stable surface. Mop up any spillages immediately with a wet cloth and dry fully.

Diffuser flowers have a very long life, with a light dusting with a soft head brush (be careful to wash any fluid off in case of spillages) your flower should last at least 10-12 months.

All handmade diffuser flowers come with an integral wick attached to the reverse in small cardboard presentation boxes.

To see prices and pictures choose your flower type and size from the drop down boxes below…

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Peony, Camellia, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Gardenia, Lotus, Zinnia, Pointed Dahlia, Standard Dahlia, Classic Rose, Starflower

Flower Size

Standard (8 cm), Large (10 cm)


  1. R WOOLLEY (verified owner)

    These are such a lovely idea! They look lovely and really disperse the scent.

  2. Deb Smith

    Lovely…… cannot fault this company
    Love the products

  3. S. Hamilton (verified owner)

    I bought the pointed dahlia for myself and my daughter. They are beautiful and functional. The scent gently fills the room and the flowers look so pretty in their little glass jars.

  4. Theresa

    My daughter sent for my birthday, beautifully presented and packaged, the oriental jasmine is devine , I felt very special receiving this lovely gift x

  5. Ann Taylor (verified owner)

    I bought two sizes of the flowers and a fragrance. Flowers are so much prettier than reeds and look lovely in glass bottles, whilst dispersing the scent beautifully.
    Thrilled to have discovered you!

  6. FRANCES Iseman (verified owner)

    These arrived promptly. I can’t wait to fill my beautiful bottles and display them. So pretty!

  7. Nicola Monger (verified owner)

    Beautiful flowers, look stunning and disperse the fragrance much better than reeds. Great idea, great company.

  8. Jane Russell (verified owner)

    Really pleased with my large Peony flower.

  9. Helen (verified owner)

    Love these really happy look so pretty ordering some more

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