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Diffuser Flower and Fragrance Packs


No more dull reeds…

Our gift packs are a new and delightful way to fragrance your home and make the perfect gift.

Our stylish kraft packs contain a beautiful peony diffuser flower and bottle of fragrance.

* Glass Diffuser Bottles sold separately *





About our Diffuser Flower and Fragrance Pack

Say goodbye to dull diffuser sticks, “Diffuser flowers” are a new and beautiful way to fragrance your room, and our bestselling pack is the perfect way to start your Flower Diffuser experience.

Choose from our exclusive collection of luxury diffuser fragrance with either a regular size 125ml bottle with 8cm Peony diffuser flower, or extra large 250ml bottle of fragrance and larger 10cm Peony diffuser flower. *larger 10cm flowers will absorb and “drink” more fragrance much quicker!* 

Each set comes in a brown kraft recyclable pack (a small plastic filling funnel is available if you are filling a container with a small opening, but to reduce plastic usage we no longer send these out by default so add a note at checkout if you would like one including with your order.)

Combined with our beautiful vintage glass bottles this pack will make a stunning and bespoke aroma diffuser. Please note glass diffuser bottles are sold separately so to complete and create your own please click here

Looking for a business gift idea? Our Flower & Fragrance packs make unique and unusual corporate gifts.

About our Diffuser Flowers

Diffuser flowers work by drawing scent up the wick in to the flower head and diffusing out through the petals like a real flower, made from natural materials and totally by hand, the flower head will open up and “bloom out ” slightly over time like a real flower. As they absorb the fragrance the petals will become translucent and change colour / darken due to the ingredients in the liquid. If you touch the flower petals the fragrance will transfer to your hands so please wash it off if it touches your skin.

Flowers are available in two sizes, our regular 8cm bloom perfect for use with the 125ml bottle of fragrance or our larger 10cm flowers require the larger 250ml bottle of fragrance as the bigger blooms will absorb and use up a lot more fragrance more quickly

The flowers are easy to use, gently unwind the wick folding or trimming it if it’s too long. Put it in to your container with fragrance and after about 24-48 hours scent will be drawn up the wick and in to the flower head, the fragrance will then diffuse. To keep the flower diffusing keep topping up the fluid to keep the wick wet.

(please use a container that suits your flower size, too big and the flower may not absorb the fragrance properly, too small and the scented flower head may be too heavy and cause the container to topple over)

Diffuser flowers have a very long life, with a light dusting with a soft head brush (be careful to wash any fluid off in case of spillages) your flower should last at least 10-12 months.

About Our Fragrances

Most diffuser fragrance will damage any surfaces and ours is no different it’s just most retailers don’t tell you! Please make sure the flowers are not touching anything and standing free on a stable surface. Mop up any spillages immediately with a wet cloth and dry fully.

Our fragrance collection offers everything from classic aromas through to lighter “greener” notes and warm exotic fragrances.

Exclusively developed by an international perfumer our we create truly bespoke scents for your home.

All our fragrances are designed and blended here in the UK and are vegan friendly.

All fragrances comply fully with CLP regulation.

Additional information

Set Size

Large 250ml Set, Medium 125ml Set


Warm Oudh, Tabac Amber, Lavender and Linen, Tea Rose, Fig and Vetiver, Oriental Jasmine, Orangerie, English Rhubarb, Mocaccino, Spiced Apple, Gin & Tonic

18 reviews for Diffuser Flower and Fragrance Packs

  1. Catherine ORyan Nicholson (verified owner)

    We have a hall entrance terrace and the diffuser is in our dining room. The amber mocha scent makes our home smell magical, even when we’ve cooked a curry.

  2. Claire Hubbard

    The Warm Oudh smells amazing and the flower looks fabulous displayed in the vintage glass diffuser bottle also from V&B. Friends and Family always comment. Just bought more fragrance oil as I love it that much!

  3. maxine holmes

    These are so much nicer than the usual reed diffusers, they look amazing and the oud fragrance smells divine.The flower changes colour as it absorbs the oils and looks beautiful, they are such a lovely gift.

  4. Sue Martin

    Flower diffuser and fragrance pack
    I have just received my second pack and this time I chose fig and vetiver fragrance.
    I am so pleased from the beautiful packaging to the smell of my chosen fragrance and the stunning peony flower.
    Thank you for quick and efficient delivery.

  5. Amanda

    Such beautiful fragrances in stunning bottles!
    Tea rose is my favourite, it has such a natural scent.
    There is a ‘scent’ for every room, just lovely!!

  6. Jean Sims (verified owner)

    I love this product, the Peony flower is so beautiful. My first order was for a birthday present, but now I want to treat myself, so Francesca I will be placing another order. Great communications, fast and efficient delivery. Wishing you lots of success for the future V & B.

  7. C Duggan (verified owner)

    My new favourite! Absolutely LOVE the Fig and Vetiver. Not only does it smell amazing, it also looks so stylish in the vintage glass vase with the peony flower. (Much nicer than boring reeds.) Really good customer service too.

  8. Denise

    Ordered the flower diffuser and fragrance pack as a birthday present for my daughter, when the box arrived it was slightly damaged along one edge. A quick email and a replacement box was on it’s way. Very quick, friendly and helpful service.
    I know she’s going to love her present such beautiful fragrance, will be ordering one for myself very soon.

  9. Sharon. (verified owner)

    I bought this as a gift but will definitely be ordering more. It’s such a pretty gift, lovely fragrance, delicate flowers and packaging which transports you to a different era.

  10. Debbie Llewellyn-Sims (verified owner)

    Bought for my mum as a birthday gift. Everything about this was lovely. Added a bottle to the order and it now sits pride of place on her mantlepiece. Will definitely be purchasing more

  11. Verena (verified owner)

    Purchased the small set in Fig and Vertiver and I am very pleased with it the peony flower looks great in a pretty perfume bottle which I already had and was used for display but now it is useful, delivery was prompt and my hallway smells wonderful and welcoming shall be ordering again in due course .

  12. Sam Brown

    I was bought one of these for Christmas and loved it so much that I purchased one for a friend. The service was amazing and the my friend loved her flower as much as I do

  13. Vanessa Page (verified owner)

    I bought one of these as a gift. It was greatly received! The scent is amazing and the bottle is so stylish! I will shortly be ordering more for myself and as Xmas gifts!

  14. Siobhan (verified owner)

    Blown away by the simplistic beauty of these flower diffusers. Never one for candles and hating stick diffusers but loving all things antique and vintage, these certainly have hit the mark! Well done V&B for not only providing gorgeous scents in beautiful, timeless pieces but also for an outstanding customer service.

  15. Jen

    Bought this as a present, the packaging and look of the product is excellent. I am pleased to give it to my friend, and would be very happy to receive it as a gift.

  16. suejohn.redgate

    Bought 2 of these. One for my sister-in-law & one for my husband to wrap for me! I am absolutely delighted. The gift set looks even better than the picture. This will be my go to present for friends birthdays & Christmas.

  17. sheilalandymore (verified owner)

    So glad that I discovered V&B! I love the flower – so different. And the fragrance. I was kindly sent a sample of the fig which I loved and is going to be my next purchase! Excellent service too!!!

  18. Judith Mortimer Sykes (verified owner)

    Peony flower & Tabac Amber are a perfect combination in a large cut vase on my dressing table – thrilled with this, thank you. So much neater and prettier than reeds.

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