Deco Diffuser Bottle


What makes us unique? Making lovely old bottles relevant for our modern homes again…

These highly decorative bottles with a moulded design will a touch of vintage style to any room.

*For use with our medium boxed diffuser flowers and fragrance refills sold separately*





About our Deco Diffuser Bottle…

Press moulded and then cut afterwards our Deco Diffuser Bottle will bring a touch of vintage style to any home.

The perfect partner for our flowers and fragrances these lovely antique bottles feature a fancier moulded pattern.

Each lovely bottle is unique and old, and therefore can have marks, flaws or signs of wear that show their age and tell their story.

Instead of buying new modern factory glass you are choosing a piece of history and re-using something beautiful, giving it a new life in your home.

With an huge collection we cannot show every bottle so we choose a bottle for you. However if you have any particular preferences do please get in touch!

Deco Diffuser Bottles are of medium size and will be perfect for an average size room in most homes.

Please only use a medium size diffuser flower with this bottle, larger flowers could cause the bottle to topple over.

Our 125ml refill bottles of fragrance will fill this bottle and leave a little to top up.

Diffuser flowers and fragrance are sold separately, click here to add an 8cm flower and 125ml bottle of fragrance.

( Bottles stand 10-12cm approx, sizes do vary as these vintage bottles are unique! )

Bottles are sent with a plastic funnel to you help you fill them but please be careful not to spill diffuser fluid on your surfaces as it will cause damage, be warned!

See our Instagram feed for more styling tips and what’s new…

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Antique Glass Bottle Shape

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