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Truly bespoke and designed by a specialist perfumer. Produced and bottled in small batches in the UK.

Available in 125ml and large 250ml size refills.

A 125ml refill will last approximately 6 weeks – for more information please click here


Tea Rose

Imagine armfuls of freshly cut Roses brought straight in from the summer garden. A bright and feminine Rose fragrance with a fresh green “garden” top-note.

Lavender & Linen

With a heart of unmistakable French Lavender our interpretation of this fragrance classic is brightened and with a clean top-note of freshly laundered cotton.

Oriental Jasmine

Named by the Persians “Yasmin” or “Gift from God” this heady and seductive scent fills any room with smooth and sultry tones. Intensely Floral and totally alluring.


Fig & Vetiver

Inspired by a summer walk through an Tuscan walled garden, our creation is an intense fragrance with milky Fig base and strong herbal influences with green Vetiver bringing a crisp freshness.

English Rhubarb

Like the first spring crop harvested from the veg patch this fragrance is light, sweet and fresh. And yes! It really does smell of Rhubarb! Perfect for Kitchens, hallways and downstairs spaces.


Warm Oudh

Inspired by the priceless and famous ingredient of the Middle East. Warm Oudh is sensual, warm and rich with a woody and amber base, a light floral middle and fresh finish. A versatile and fashionable scent that can be used in any room.

Tabac Amber

With roots in mystical far-off places, this exotic, warm and complex fragrance has a creamy sandalwood, vanilla and Patchouli base. Floral Jasmine and Tobacco spiced centre and a fresh Bergamot top-note. Luxurious and seductive it will not disappoint.



A perfect bright summer fragrance, ideal for open airy rooms where you want a fresh burst of citrus zing. Our Orangerie fragrance has a light cedar wood base, a heart of bitter Seville Orange Peel and fruity Mandarin top note.

Gin & Tonic

Gin and Tonic vibes without the hang-over!
Inspired by the classic cocktail combination a Bergamot citrus heart blends with dry Juniper notes to create a light and refreshing excellent fragrance for all around the home.


Spiced Apple

Perfect for those who like a cosy, softer scent this fragrance has a wonderful warming apple base with top notes of cinnamon and clove. Think Apple Crumble on a Winter’s day…


Like the warm smell that hugs you as you walk in a coffee shop…Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate and biscuits.
Rich and sweet this unusual fragrance is unlike anything else you on the market.

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