Creating a Signature Diffuser for your home…

Creating a Singnature Diffuser For your Home

Our Journal begins with some tips on creating a signature diffuser for your home. When we begin a conversation with our clients their favourites are always the best place to start. A favourite flower, scent profile or bottle type that reflects their own personal style.

For some it’s ALL about the flower, and would choose a blousy and feminine Peony. Others who prefer a more unfussy, compact style of flower would prefer a Zinnia or Chrysanthemum.

A good starting point is to think about the flowers that you like to grow or wish you could grow! Also consider how flowers and scents can evoke memories and remind you of someone special. Being flower fanatics we have a wide selection of flowers so there’s sure to be something to fit the bill.

Bottle size is also really important to consider and that’s why we offer our flowers in three different sizes. You wouldn’t want a tiny flower in a large bottle, or vice-versa. Always try and choose the correct size bloom to match your bottle.

Scent is the most personal aspect of home fragrance and always amazes me how everyone has a different reaction. Our collection has been designed to reflect our tastes and the scent memories that we are trying to evoke. But we have always tried to make sure there is something for everyone. With our sample service you can order small cards sprayed with the scent if you would like to try before you buy.