A Little Bit About Us…

We are two ladies a mother and daughter with a life-long passion for Antiques and Decor and from small beginnings and a shared love of beautiful things we have grown our Luxury Flower Diffuser business.

Always seeking the unusual we are believe the things you surround yourself with and invest in, should reflect your true personality and bring you joy every day.

It seems to us that in today’s “throwaway” culture it is the pieces from the past, made with care, thought and quality materials that stand the test of time and are slowly disappearing, we love to give these things new life and purpose within our modern homes.

With “Vintage being the new modern” we wanted to bring the idea in to Home Fragrance. Why not re-use something beautiful and prevent more needless landfill? Our idea of re-purposing lovely old bottles instead of using modern factory glass, is a unique idea creating a bespoke product unique to each customer.

Our handmade diffuser flowers make a wonderful alternative to sticks or reeds and actually work much better, as they mimic nature herself with fragrance diffusing out through the petals. Our top-end fragrances are designed by us and a renowned International Perfumier and are made in the UK. Most brands would expect you to buy new each time, but we encourage customers to make the most of the flowers and buy refills.

Our unique collection of Antique glass bottles range from every period, from early Georgian through to more recent retro styles  (we also have hundreds of stoppers in all shapes and sizes should anyone ever need one! ) We hate throwing any bottles away, and any damaged or chipped ones we try to repair or re-use within the business in some way. There’s always a queue for the crate of slight seconds at events.

Although we choose the antique bottle that we send out to you but  we are always happy to help with special requests, so please get in touch.

we are always looking for new ways to re-invent a use for beautiful old things in our homes, we re-purpose silver topped sauce pots as trinket or household containers for anything from paperclips to cotton buds, they also make sweet wedding favours or thank you’s.

We are passionate about the recycling aspect of the business and we want our products to be as kind to the environment as possible. Dealing with glass we do use plastic bubble wrap but it is recycled from other suppliers not new.

Our fragrance bottles are fully recyclable PET plastic and we are working on our next phase which is to make bottles from recycled plastic and replace our cellophane packaging.

We also have a selection of Antiques and Home Decor items which you can see in the gallery, a selection of them are available to buy on our Etsy store.